The Top 6 iPhone Apps for Poker Players

Poker has become an increasingly popular card game, and nowadays there are many different resources available to learn and improve your game. Besides informative websites like wikipedia’s section about poker and Encyclopedia of poker, there are a great number of poker-related applications available on the market. While some simply allow you to play mantap88 poker on the go, others provide statistics and calculations to improve your game or help you manage home tournaments. With increasingly sophisticated apps being developed all the time, the iPhone is set to become the mainstay of any seasoned poker player’s toolkit.

Poker Timer Dealer Button (Neil Harris)

This iPhone app allows players to manage home tournaments with ease, enabling you to focus on the game at hand. Among different other things, the app monitors round and break times, big and small blinds, minimum bets, players remaining, and chips on the table.

Poker Deal Maker ICM (TimeToDream)

Do you ever find yourself struggling to decide if you are getting a good deal from an endgame chop? If so, download this smart and economical app that uses Independent Chip Model mathematics to suggest a solution to the problem, providing you with a default mantap88 casino deal and allowing you to test-run different scenarios.

Poker Journal (Michael Golden)

Though slightly pricey, this app has won extremely high ratings due to its excellent functionality. Poker Journal lets you record your poker results and filter them by location, day of the week, time of day, and game type. By presenting your personalized data in chart form, you can establish when and where you achieve your best results.

Poker Pocket Knife (High Stakes Technology)

This multi-tool app will provide you with a range of calculations for various poker scenarios. If you are just getting to grips with the mathematical side of poker, this app could give you the helping hand you need to take your game to the next level.

Poker Chip Tracker (Andrew Paris Software)

Have you ever wanted to share your poker games with friends and family? The Poker Chip Tracker app allows you to create a blow-by-blow account of your poker games and share it through Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Hover Poker (Jormy Games)

If you are several chips short of a poker set, Hover Poker is the answer. The app lets up to 22 players engage in a game of poker simply by passing an iPhone from player to player. What’s more, the no cheating feature will sound if other players try to peek at your cards.